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- Mephisto in an apartment downtown / What exists [ghazal/prose]
- Røde manøvre (performance)
- Røde manøvre (installation)
- Fright


- I Think We’ve Waited Long Enough (Installation)


- A Runtime of Queer Durations [MFA thesis] (Text/Other)
- Taking Root (Performance)
- History is a Black Circle (Film)
- Black LED (Ode to Tambellini) (Installation)
- Areoles (Film)
- Areoles (Text/Other)


- Interview in Kunst Pluss magazine (Text/Other)


- Taking Root (Prototype) (Performance)
- Secret Exposure: The Kodak and the Victorian Age of Hidden Cameras (Text/Other)
- Papegøye (Film)
- Papegøye (Installation)
- PSA at FOKUS Video Art Festival (Performance)
- PSA at FOKUS Video Art Festival (Text/Other)
- Kildeduplisering (Installation/Performance)


- In Construction (Installation)
- Maybe I’ve Never Loved You, but Your Traces are Poetry (Installation)
- Heaven is Plastered Onto this Wall (Performance)
- Map to Lowland (Text/Other)
- Untitled (Text)
- In a Café Oustside of Moria Camp (Text/Other)
- Etterkrigstid (Film)
- Director’s Statement for the film “Etterkrigstid” (Text/Other)

- We’re Going to Meet (Framing in Three Scenario) (Film)
- The Freedom of Juuson Turha (2009) (Installation)


- We’re Going to Meet (Performance)
- Magazine text for “We’re Going to Meet” (Text/Other)
- I Wanna Write You Love Songs (Film)
- Pecha Kucha during “The Infrastructures of Life: Media, Milieu, Ethics” (Text/Other)


- Fixed Position (Film)