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Hi there! On this website you’ll find info on various projects I’ve worked on, either self-initiated or as a notable collaborator.

Primarily I operate within the expanded field of moving images,
as well as utilizing writing and performance in combinations. The work often emphasizes characterization and queerness as methods for investigating psycho-social settings, ruminating on time, as well as explore the ramifications of violence and death. I’m also interested in history and archive materials.

I’m currently pursuing a Master in Fine Arts at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. From beforehand I have a BFA in Moving Images from Nordland College of Art and Film, as well as a formal background in traditional filmmaking and literature. Film projects are initiated through the moniker ’Verbal Film’, often in collaboration with other parties.

Aside from this, a practice in curating video works is ongoing through the collective ’HÆRK’. The group’s inception has its roots and particular focus on circumpolar/arctic perspectives, with the participants having all been based in Northern Norway at some point.