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Hi there! On this website you’ll find info on various projects I’ve worked on, either self-initiated or as a notable collaborator.

Primarily I operate within the expanded field of moving images,
as well as utilizing writing and performance in combinations. The work often emphasizes characterization and queerness as methods for investigating psycho-social settings, ruminating on time, as well as explore the ramifications of violence and death.

I have a Master in Fine Arts from Oslo National Academy of the Arts and a BFA in Moving Images from Nordland College of Art and Film, but also a formal background in traditional filmmaking from Denmark, as well as literature. Film projects are initiated through the moniker ’Verbal Film’, often in collaboration with other parties.

Aside from this, a practice in curating video works is ongoing through the collective ’HÆRK’. The group’s inception has its roots and particular focus on circumpolar perspectives, with the participants having all been based in Northern Norway at some point.