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Mephisto in an apartment downtown / What exists

A ghazal and a prose text for the print publication ‘Feral Tongues’, issued by ISOTOP Fellesatelier.

Also featuring texts by Ananda Serné and gentian rhosa
Translations by Miriam Myrstad
Curated, designed and edited by Alex Hamish Millar
Supported by Kulturrådet
Published 21.10.23 in Bergen


EXTRACT FROM ‘Mephisto in an apartment downtown’:

“... From the hallway I can hear the moths

Urging each other to flock and grab onto

Terracotta red, brick laid since before I was born

A façade implemented with remote heating too

Yet it’s demonic, the way moths find their way

Into the valves, cupboards and web router too

You demonic artefact, you right there

Right beneath my brow, peering into

You stand there with red eyes and a birth mark

Pleased with a smile you let me look onto

The building is shaking a lot, you say

Our ears widen, we’re mouthing something too

This looks like my dream, where I only see you

And some sound that trembles, moving fro and to ...”

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