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A city dweller moves through various routines and encounters throughout a single day. The gradually revealed circumstances point toward a crisis starting to unfold.

Title: Etterkrigstid
English title: Post-War
Length: 42:16
Year: 2019
Produced by: Verbal Film
In co-production with: Viken filmsenter, Nordland College of Art and film

Premiered at Kunstnernes Hus Kino, Oslo, Norway

Rencontres Internationales Paris 2020

The film has been acquired by the Norwegian Film Institute for nationwide distribution via Filmbib. It can be viewed here for those with a Norwegian library card: 

Cast: Emil Johnsen, Per Vidar Gornitzka Arnfinnsen, Gisken Armand, Elnaz Asgari
Director: Hamid Waheed
Producers: Simen Gjersvold, Hamid Waheed
Cinematography: Martine Thon Bråthen
Sound Recording: Anders Simenstad, Andreas U. Vågene
Gaffers/Assistant Camera: Petter Aaberg, Birgitte Aarebrodt, Maria Kopperud, Sverre Kvamme
1st AD: Jonas Boukili
Production Manager: Håkon Anton Olavsen
Location and Extras Managers: Helene Kvinlaug, SImen Gjersvold
Pre-production Assistant: Øystein Qviller
Casting: Tora Johanne Turøy, Elisabet Kolstadbråten Solheim, Marin Håskjold

Editing: Anna Näumann
Colorist: Martine Thon Bråthen
VFX: Mathias Ingvoldstad
Sound Design and Mix: Hamid Waheed
Graphics: Jona Kleinlein

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