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We’re Going to Meet (Framing in Three Scenario)

A 3-hour performance in a room separated from spectators by a window. 
The room had a light rig and sound recording/playback set-up placed in the room, but out of view for the audience. The sounds of the room were amplified through speakers.

Hour 1: Lying down on the mattress, reading a book, staring at the wall [repeat]
Hour 2: Costume change, hiding under the nightstand, sliding up and down the wall [repeat]
Hour 3: Eating sugar, pouring sugar on the floor, lying in the pile of sugar and making small movements

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Title: We’re Going to Meet
Year: 2017

Documentation material: Peter Gupta, Snorre Aun Sætereng

Performed at ‘Åpent Arkiv’, Kabelvåg, Norway

Contact for more info, screener request and further inquiries.

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