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‘Areoles’ was a web-portal made by invitation from the group ERGI (ergi.xyz), as part of a number of solo web projects in 2020-2021. The site took my research and processes then as the point of departure, combining interests and speculations in queer time, media theory, and colonial history through the lens of cacti and desert landscapes.

The website was public online 25.01-07.03 at ergi.xyz. It contained the short film with the same title (see _film), as well as a link cactus tree with various material from both research and production.

_hello. the air is different now. how are you?

_consider this web portal an opening with several holes.

_the site contains a short film, as well as a cactus link tree.

_both of these components touch upon a multitude of topics and moods. they tell stories, they theorize, they speculate.

_some are authored locally, others externally.

_none of these paths are connected as such, but they form as buds of the same organism.

_One containing media theory, formats, romances, colonial histories and a pervasive feeling of slack-jawed queerness.

_you can survey this data in the order you please, but please do so before 07.03.21, after which this domain will be terminated.

_safe journeys.


Many thanks to:
Abirami Logendran
Birgitte Aarebrodt
Cirenia E. Esquivel
Jinbin Chen
Joel Billekvist
Mohammed Abdirashid
Patricia Carolina
Paulina Stroynowska
Rickard Aall
Stacey deVoe
Everyone at ERGI

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