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Heaven is Plastered Onto this Wall

During the opening night of LOWLAND Magazine #3 exhibition, at Theater Rampe, Stuttgart, Germany, 10/18

“The beats you are hearing now is the modulated recording of a political radio show from Norway, dated back to march the third of this year.

The image you’re seeing is of a pointed line drawing, where a recognizable shape will emerge by following the numbered dots.

I’ve made this structure for you to be in, to look at, to hear.
To let go of your doubts now
Here is the most beautiful clarity
Shimmering in the water
The flow of waves covering water lilies
And pollen making yellow pigments on the surface
It’s a bright summer day
Like finding Dante’s heaven after the inferno

I try to order
Your hot breath
Through the trees
But I can only seem to fall
And scrape my knees
I hiss, angrily.

Imagine a palm full of stars, gazing into millions of glistening lights and dropping them onto the floor. It’s the way I like to picture ‘us’, because there is no discernable ‘us’ within this context. I’m here, I’m here, dammit; making sense of the gap you’ve left, trying to organize deeper understanding. I’m scrambling for truth in a time where there is none. I’m marking every word I utter as if it was my last. To Helene Cixous that is the ideal of writing, as if the next word would be the last before death strikes. But I’m automatic, caught in just living and not experiencing, too functional to operate as a sort of sublime viewpoint of the world, too careless to be a force of will, too passive to solve mysteries.

The radio broadcast you’re hearing the beats of tells of Victory Garden, one of the world’s most advanced surveillance facilities. The plings and plongs are actually quite monotonous words by the hostess, not particularly harmonic. I have to modulate her through a rack of effects to achieve that.

‘Cause we’re spilling
Flowing out now
Like a
Never-ending stream of silicone and LED
Out from the mouth of God
Onto the world
Making sense

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