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Areoles (film)

Queer characters talk about their lives and making sense of their worlds.

Title: Areoles
Length: 13:46
Year: 2021
Produced by: Verbal Film
Commissioned by: ERGI

Made for the web-portal ‘Areoles’ (see _text/other), 27/01-07/03, 2021

Rencontres Internationales Paris 2022
ANIMISMS Artist FIlm Festival, Bergen, Norway

On Screen:
Paulina Stroynowska
Cirenia E. Esquivel

Script, direction, sound, edit: Hamid Waheed
Photography, color: Rickard Aall
AD, grip: Cirenia E. Esquivel

Thank you to:
Birgitte Aarebrodt, Jinbin Chen, Stacey deVoe


Contact for more info, screener request and further inquiries.

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