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Taking Root (Prototype)

Multimedia prototype performance with WOW SAILOR (Kim Reenskaug). The work tells three stories: Trotsky having a heat stroke and hallucinating in Mexico (1940), a travelling botanist’s moments with a lover in Haifa (2019), and the Great War on Cactus in Australia (19th-20th century). This work was developed as part of open research on cactus plants. 

Live soundscape mixing, live video mixing, text, choreography

Title: Taking Root
Length: Approx. 15 min.
Performers: Hamid Waheed, Wow Sailor (Kim Uglum Reenskaug)
Year: 2019

Documentation pictures:
Sverre Matias Smith
Equipment: Tora Johanne Turøy
(Note: these pictures were not taken at an official event) 

For “Winter Solstice 2019: WE DANCE ALONE”, at Kroloftet, Oslo, Norway, 22/12/19

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