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PSA at Fokus Video Art Festival

I was invited for the 2019 prize ceremony of FOKUS VIdeo Art Festival in Copenhagen, organized by Nikolaj Kunsthal and featuring “I Wanna Write You Loves Songs”. The event was held at Hofteatret, next to the Danish parliament. I used the context of presenting my work to perform a Public Service Announcement, informing of the worrying discussion/censoring attempts surrounding the Norwegian play ‘Ways of Seeing’. This was done wearing an 18th century judicial wig.

More info on ‘Ways of Seeing’ and Black Box Theatre:  https://www.blackbox.no/artikkel/refleksjoner-rundt-etterdonningene-av-ways-of-seeing/

Title: PSA at Fokus Video Art Festival
Year: 2019

Documentation picture: Rasmus Ellegaard Nielsen

During AWARDSHOW: FOKUS videokunstfestival 2019

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