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History is a Black Circle

A science fiction essay that travels through time and queer bodies, as well as the black of it all.

Title: History is a Black Circle
Length: 23:08
Year: 2021
Produced by: Verbal Film
Commissioned by: Kunstplass Contemporary Art Oslo

De Te Fabula Narratur - The Museum of Cultural History, Oslo, Norway, 06-08/21

Director, Writer and Editor: Hamid Waheed
Voice Narration: Jinbin Chen
Visual Content: Hamid Waheed, Jinbin Chen, ‘Chai’ Sara Saeidi, Ryan/PottyPantPeeInPotty, Unknown photographer/ronron87, Claudius Maximus
Audio Recording of Electromagnetic Signals: David Krøyer
Sound Design and Mix: Hamid Waheed
Audio Post-Production Facilities: Notam

Thank you to:
Birgitte Aarebrodt, Vibeke Hermanrud, Armita Keyani, Martin Klein, Ingvar Kolbjørnsen, Donna Kozloskie, Cato Langnes, Cameron Quevedo, Mali Galaaen Røsseth, Henriette Stendsal, Tora Johanne Turøy


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