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I Wanna Write You Love Songs

A type of lecture on observations in the field of lying down, dying and love.

Title: I Wanna Write You Love Songs
Length: 04:24
Year: 2017
Produced by: Nordland College of Art and film

Arctic Moving Images Film Festival 2017
LOWLAND #3 Magazine Exhibition 2018
Ventebasseng (co-exhibition with Nordland College of Art and Film and The Academy of Contemporary Arts Tromsø) 2019
FOKUS Video Art Festival 2019 (In Competition)

MicroActs presents: Invert Visions 2019
International Forum of Performance Art 2020
KURS Galleri filmvisning
Homo Humour, programme curated by Lee Campbell, Southend-on-Sea / London / Hamburg / Liverpool

Text, Performer, Voice and Editor: Hamid Waheed

Contact for more info, screener request and further inquiries.

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