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[draft from work-in-progress]

This is an early draft of dialogue written whilst working on the “Parrot” project. The content of the dialogue in the finished film is discernably different.

-       Are you listening?

-       Yeah, I’m here.

-       Right, I thought you hung up, for a sec.

-       Ah, I see. So, yeah. Stories become something I can project onto myself. They become something for you to rely on. Stories become a way for society to null itself, ultimately.

-       I see…

-       I mean, the story could go like this, for instance.

-       Uh-huh.

As long as I’d been doing this, the importance in my life had shifted from a state of subordination and toward a
state of being incorruptible. Now I’m waiting to be loved, like a slack-jawed mistress in high heels. Yet comfort is in
short supply, and I’m walking unhurried through the foggy streets.

-       Okay, but is that all there is?

-       What do you mean?

-       Like, I miss how it was; it hasn’t been the best this year.

-       I know.

-       That takes a toll.

-       Yeah.

-       And there are these moments, you know…

-       Yeah, I know.

-       …like, going grocery shopping is a fucking nightmare now. I can’t stand the ordeal. It’s this crime, all of a
        sudden, with so many eyes glaring. Plus, I scarcely find a point of entry when those situations emerge.

-       Mhm.

-       And, I dunno, sometimes I’m at home and think that I’d rather starve to death, you know?

-       Don’t say that.

-       It’s true.

-       The rules aren’t structured in a way that you could be thinking that. I don’t believe in that kind of stance.
        I don’t think you do either, really.

-       Maybe, but I’m increasingly becoming the impetus of immolation. So to speak. I’d rather not, but I think
        something’s in the air now. Haha, I’d rather someone guillotined my head off.

-       It’s not good to hear you talk like this.

-       I’m sorry. I dramatize sometimes. It was mostly meant as a joke. Doing much better than last time we                     met, to be fair.

-       Yeah?

-       Yeah, I don’t think you have to worry.

-       I do. I wonder about the circumstances at hand. And, being perfectly honest, how they could affect me,
        in the long run.

-       So do I, but one can manage. I mean, really, what else is there to do?

-       I guess.

-       Anyways, I’m being rude: How are you doing?

-       I’m good, just woke up.

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