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Taking Root

An experimental play initiated by Hamid Waheed; a collaboration with visual artists Eli Mai Huang Nesse, Vilde Jensen and musician Kim Reenskaug (music alias WOW SAILOR).

The work shifts between different types of narratives, the primary being a romance between a botanist researcher and Palestinian sociologist in Haifa. TAKING ROOT ultimately deals with displacement and history seen in the light of cactus plants and desert landscapes, juxtaposing human and non-human perspectives.

Title: Taking Root
Length: Approx. 90 min.

Performers: Hamid Waheed, Eli Mai Huang Nesse, Vilde Jensen and Kim Reenskaug

Stageplay and direction: Hamid Waheed
Sound design, effects and live improvisation: Kim Reenskaug (WOW SAILOR)
Scenography and props: Eli Mai Huang Nesse, Vilde Jensen
Costumes: Eli Mai Huang Nesse, Vilde Jensen, Margaret Abebe Abeshu
Dramaturgy and direction help: Linda Gathu
Melodies and vocal guidance: Mikael Munz Bakketun
Video archive and compilation: Hamid Waheed
Ceramic vase: Patricia Carolina
Jewelry provided by: Johanna Hoffsten
Lecture performance developed by: Vilde Jensen

Producer: Hamid Waheed
Co-producer: BiT Teatergarasjen

Other works presented or referenced: 
Sitt Marie Rose, novel, Etel Adnan, 1978 France
They Do Not Exist, film, Mustafa Abu Ali, 1974 Palestine
Veracruz, song, María Teresa Lara and Agustín Lara, 1936 Mexico

Thank you to: BiT Teatergarasjen, Prøverommet (Laurie Lax), Bergen Kjøtt, Landmark, Akershus musikkråd, Open Out Festival, Makda Embaie, Sara Baban, Cirenia E. Esquivel, Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse, Luna Haser, Annalise Wimmer and Atma Rose Andersson

Documentation pictures:
Daniela Toma, for Open Out Festival

Work-in-progress: Prøverommet, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen, Norway
Premiere: Open Out Festival 2021, Tromsø, Norway
METEOR 2021 International Theatre Festival, Studio USF, Bergen, Norway


Contact for more info, video documentation and further inquiries.

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