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All year: NORD-NORSKEN 2020, regional touring exhibition in Northern Norway:
25/01-23/02: Bodø Kunstforening, Bodø, Norway
14/03-05/04: Svolvær Kunstforening, Svolvær, Norway [Cancelled due to pandemic] 25/04-16/05: Mosjøen Kunstforening, Mosjøen, Norway [Cancelled due to pandemic] 04/07-02/08: Meieriet kultursenter, Leknes, Norway [New location]
29/08-20/09: Galleri Nord-Norge, Harstad, Norway
10/10-01/11: Alta Kunstforening, Alta, Norway
14/11-13/12: Vadsø Kunstforening, Vadsø, Norway
Avisa Nordland : https://www.an.no/nordnorsken-pa-det-jevne/r/5-4-1154427?
TV news segment (NRK): https://tv.nrk.no/serie/dagsrevyen/202001/NNFA19012920/avspiller
Magasinet Kunst: https://magasinetkunst.no/2020/02/04/nordnorsken-2020/?fbclid=IwAR0LE7bI48RGuI7uxjaeaAViQzaUGh2hMr_w16F-2tQiHx8D38fXnOjvVrM
SE KUNST i Nord-Norge: https://sekunst.no/SeKunstMagasin/kunstkritikk-Den-74-Nordnorske-kunstutstilling-2020

07/12: Solstice Countdown: 24-hour preview of new video work, digital artist showcase by Destiny’s atelier

30/11-05/12: M. Lech presents:, MFA group exhibition at Seilduken, Oslo, Norway


24/09-28/09: “We’re Going to Meet (Framing in Three Scenario)” during Collection of Video-Performances No. 1, screening event, Gorgan, Iran

17/09-19/09: “I Wanna Write You Love Songs” at International Forum of Performance Art, digital exhibition

17/09-18/09: TESTLAB with the group Remote Freedom, development of projects aimed at Den kulturelle skolesekken, Svolvær, Norway

June-August: De Te Fabula Narratur, group exhibition curated by Kunstplass, at the Museum of Cultural History, Oslo, Norway [Postponed until 2021 due to pandemic]

12/08: PDF-Session 13 (PRAKSIS Development Forum), roundtable event, Oslo, Norway

June: Interview in Kunst Pluss magazine, “Migrerende kaktuser i grenseland”, by Anna Näumann, 02-2020, available in select kiosks

25/02-01/03: “Etterkrigstid” at Rencontres Internationales Paris 2020, Paris, France

18/01: Artist talk and workshop - ‘Art as self-expression and art concerning the world’, for PRAKSIS Teen Advisory Board, Oslo, Norway