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Papegøye (Installation)

A personal essay in drag, a number of textiles, motifs and objects in appropriated play.

Video projection, still projection, carpet, prayer rug

The current iteration of this project consists of this multi-media installation and a short film (see ‘_film / video’).

Title: Papegøye
Length: 05:28 (loop)
Year: 2019
Produced by: Nordland College of Art and Film

Documentation footage: Snorre Aun Sætereng, Catalina Emilia, Hamid Waheed

Bachelor exhibition ‘Avgang 2019’, Kabelvåg, Norway
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway
NORD-NORSKEN 2020 (WINNER OF THE CRITIC PRIZE), regional touring exhibition, Norway
HVIS DU ELSKER MEG, Oslo Prosjektrom, Oslo, Norway

Concepts, Direction, Performance and Post-Production: Hamid Waheed
Cinematography: Martine Thon Bråthen
Sound Recording: Robin M. Malmo
Gaffers/Assistant Camera: Nevruz Ebru Aksu, Øystein Qviller, Snorre Aun Sætereng
Make-Up: Andrea Mari

Workshop participants: Franciska Seiffert Eliassen, Øystein Qviller, Sanjey Sureshkumar, Are Rabben Teigen

Contact for more info, screener request and further inquiries.

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