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A Runtime of Queer Durations

MFA thesis written at the Academy of Fine Art Oslo. 


“...Duration is a key circumstance. Videos and film follow the temporal and spatial logic of whoever recorded the material, in the splicing montage of footage and in the speed manipulation of the extracted data. Whilst in performing, the observer is varyingly bound to the pace and presence of a performing body/ies. The artist subjectivity in these modes is not only a matter of expression within the form, but one enveloped and expressed in the temporal experience of the artwork.
     Now, queer expressions in these techniques have been expressed in a plethora of ways, whether it be through stylization, political polemics, and in the ambiguities/subversivisms of sexuality and gender. Though these facets often appear in – and to be sure, they are significant aesthetic codifiers to the durational queerness I’m talking about - another important distinction to me is that they ultimately don’t actually constitute it....“

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