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Røde manøvre

A set of multiple works: examinations in the aftermath of the terrorist attack at London Pub 25.06.23, about the elusiveness and fractured nature of desire and queer aesthetics, as well as a foray into red.

Title: Røde manøvre
Year: 2023

16 mm film loop, 8 min.

Aur tum bhi
Text with acrylic marker

Vinyl text on floor

Overhead photo prints, embossed chain necklace on paper

Bass drone playing in 15 minute intervals

Hvis du forblir uutslettelig, duo exhibition with Makda Embaie, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

Thank you to: Refel Abeid, Noor Bhangu, Davide Bertelli, Alexander Kjøniksen Brucki, Clara Doupovec, Makda Embaie, Yanya Zaichanka and Mutascan

Documentation pictures: Øystein Thorvaldsen


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